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Bringing Our Children Together and Creating a Shared

Experience Through Books That Celebrate

Racial Diversity and Community!




Fun-loving with whole-hearted dedication, Boston is the newest member of our team.  He enjoys belly rubs, snuggle time, tug toys, and he absolutely loves #CoolKids!

Click Boston's Photo for a fun surprise!


Kicking off our #CoolKidsCopingWithCOVID segment, is our friend Elyana from North Carolina. Though it’s not been an easy adjustment, Elyana’s parents and her older brother are very proud of how well she has #coped.  She not only loves reading her new book #WithoutExcuses, but she also enjoys days filled with coloring and painting pictures, playing with her dolls, and cooking her favorite dishes using her small shopkins kitchen.  Thank you for staying safe, Elyana , you are truly a #CoolKid!!!

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