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As a competitive and high -performing former NFL player,  Jon brings an instinctive drive that has translated from the playing field to consistent success in the business realm.

Raised in Ladson, South Carolina, Jon has successfully empowered and engaged others while also championing excellence and diversity.  A respected leader, he desires to positively impact all lives that he comes in contact with which inspired him to co-found Beyond Now: Toward Enlightenment.

A winning, no-quit attitude is the basis for Jon’s approach, which is solidified with the mantra FINISH.  “As long as there’s breath in our bodies, we can learn from our mistakes, continue to press on, and with the strongest fight and grit...together, we can FINISH!" Jon has a degree in Sociology, Minor in Social Work and has provided leadership trainings through coaching techniques.  He has also served as an advisor and mentor to youth, teens, and adults throughout his career.  




As we pinpoint and come to accept that the most significant aspect of learning, well-being, and life fulfillment exist solely in one’s “experience” - it is with the highest sense of anguish that Neka shares her truth as a source of empirical evidence in support of the urgent

call-to-action for rural and minority populations.  Despite the residual impact on mental health, and the rural and minority-specific disparities that remain present for the underserved- with a hope to inspire justice and educational equity, and to honor the lives and labor of those who contributed unknowingly to a heritage of faith and love - Neka advocates with a burning desire for the opportunity to witness “the least being heard and considered side-by-side with the greatest” (Hand, JL. [1944] "The Spirit of Liberty" NYC, NY).


Neka’s desire and motivation to inspire and support the lives of others was firmly rooted during her upbringing in rural Hampton County, South Carolina.  Her familiarity and understanding of how to effectively address the unique needs of communities like the one she grew up in, has positioned her to advocate for progressive action and to build collaborative partnerships for involvements seeking to revive communities to a greater sense of resiliency.  With love and compassion, she’s pulled forward those in need and helped them to recognize their value. 


Neka has acquired a reputation for providing creative solutions to complex problems, and together with her husband and Beyond Now Co-Founder, Jon - she intends to dig deep, highlight the “small treasures” and to build the relationships necessary for greater community impact and harmony.

Neka has a masters degree in Healthcare Administration, a background in clinical nursing, and she is a certified mental health first aider.  Neka has served several individuals/families as an advisor, advocate, and mentor - working almost exclusively with individuals in their homes and the community.  Neka is also a liaison to referring professionals, family members and individuals served.

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Jiraa supports growth and program development.  A self-proclaimed whiz, she is highly-skilled in all things digital. Jiraa helps to manage communications through media relations and technologies.




Jonah has a vibrant background in illustration.  His originality and passion for creativity brings fresh ideas and design to our campaigns.




Fun-loving with whole-hearted dedication, Boston is the newest member of our bunch.  He loves belly rubs and snuggle time, tug toys, and meeting new people.

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